Laboratory Manager

  • Ilara Health
  • South Africa
  • 20/05/2022
Young Professional Nurse

Job Description

About the job Laboratory Manager

About the company

Ilara Health is on a mission to make diagnostics affordable in Africa. By bringing in tech-powered diagnostics from around the world and providing optimal financing solutions, Ilara Health makes these diagnostics products available in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ilara Health is a venture-funded company on a steep growth trajectory. Ilara offers opportunities to get into an exciting, early-stage tech startup that is bound to make an impact on healthcare outcomes in Africa.


As Ilara Health is currently expanding its services through new laboratory branches in South Africa, we are looking for highly driven, committed to quality, team players that can support the building and the management of these diagnostic facilities.

The lab manager is accountable for supervising the laboratory, running the laboratory operations, as well as other responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time by the Head of Labs & by ensuring the delivery of quality and efficient laboratory services as per the organizations’ policies.

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for device installation and maintenance in the areas of hematology, biochemistry, immunochemistry, and microbiology;

  • Ensure proper device functioning, by setting up and maintaining an excellent QC/QA system;

  • Ability to adhere to national and international guidelines for high-quality laboratory testing;

  • Preparation of SOPs for all tests performed at the lab, including recurring training sessions for all lab personnel;

  • Ensure that laboratory devices are kept clean, calibrated, and fully functional;

  • Ensure the lab stocks the right amount of reagents and consumables, the inventory is updated weekly, and stock for reagents and consumables is replenished timely;

  • Ensure the lab specimens are correctly received, labeled, registered, and stored as per SOP;

  • Ensure the correct and timely use of the Lab Management System to collect all necessary patients data and referrals;

  • Perform and guide other lab techs when performing the laboratory diagnostic tests as per SOP;

  • Ensure the costs of reagents are correctly accounted for in the inventory system;

  • Prepare monthly invoices for all tests performed and report against the inventory;

  • Ensure the lab and surrounding areas (i.e., phlebotomy room, waiting bay, toilet, area outside the clinic) are clean and fully operational;

  • Work with the team members to provide effective solutions to support business and quality objectives;

  • Ensure all the regulatory requirements are met as per national guidelines.


Behavioral and other responsibilities

  • Ensure the utmost accurate results are provided to the patients to support medics in decision making;

  • Proactive attitude;

  • Attention to detail;

  • Promote a culture of continuous learning, growth, and improvement for the lab;

  • Be a team player;

  • Prompt troubleshooting in case unforeseen circumstances arise;

  • Ensure smooth communication with the management team.



  • Minimum BSc Degree in medical laboratory science

  • Registered with HPCSA

  • Experience with lab accreditation

  • 3 – 5 years experience as a Laboratory Manager, managing people and finances

  • Experience with ISO 9001, 13485, 17025

  • Experience with LIMS

  • Good Laboratory Practices certification