Working in a team is crucial in almost every position in an organization. Teamwork motivates unity and improved productivity at the workplace. But a team can only reach its goal if the team players are ready to collaborate. Here are some qualities that make one a great team player in achieving an objective.

  1. A good listener

  "When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new," Dalai Lama. Good listening connects you to your team members and helps you understand your responsibilities and how you can all integrate your skills to achieve the required task to the best of your abilities. It also makes it easy for effective communication and great problem-solving.

  1. Reliable, Responsible and Committed

 A great team player will strive for excellence hence will give attention to every detail of the work to be accomplished. Engage with the best intentions in every task and deliver what you promised to, and in good time. You should always be ready to venture on with strong determination and persistence, committed to getting the job done.

  1. Good communication skills

 Keep your team members informed of your ideas. But this does not mean being stubborn and strongly pushing for ideas that other team members don’t agree with. Be objective and respectful at the same time. Don’t be quiet either when other team members are exchanging ideas. Remember you are all there for the same goal and you can only achieve it by contributing.

  1. Meets deadlines

 This involves getting the job done in good time and delivering consistent quality work. If there’s a task to be accomplished and you have the skill, do it. Do your fair share and finish in good time so that the team can be able to meet any deadlines. When you consistently meet deadlines, you are seen as reliable and responsible.

  1. Recognizes other team members’ work and appreciates them

 Focusing on other people’s work and effort rather than your own will naturally bring people towards you because they’ll feel inspired and empowered to realize their potential. Look for what's right, not what's wrong in what your team members are doing. Offer positive feedback to their contribution-- this will encourage them to be productive in the team.

  1. Respects others, and let them help you

 Respect means valuing others. It is important to become more self-aware that you are not always correct or all-knowing. Be real with members of your team and give them a chance to also share their ideas and help you where you are stuck. This ends up creating great relationships in the workplace. Be flexible and consider others’ preferred working style.


Working together inspires new ideas that wouldn’t manifest in isolation and also builds trust among colleagues. “There’s no such thing as a self-made man. You’ll reach your goals only with the help of others”, George Shinn.