Are you tired of job rejection? This article is for you. Rejection in job hunting is not a new thing, every employee has probably experienced this through their job-seeking journey. If you have constantly been getting rejection emails and messages, it’s not that you are not fit for the position, it could be you are doing it all wrong. This can be frustrating, overwhelming, and demotivate you to apply for more jobs, even when you are eligible. Knowing why you constantly get a rejection is important. Below are some reasons why an employer might opt to work with your competitor and not you.

Using one CV for every job application.

Your first impression is made by your CV. If it doesn’t stand out, your chances of getting the job decline by 90%. Every position has different requirements and tailoring your CV to fit the description will get you the job. Make sure that your skills match what the employers are looking for with the most relevant skill at the top.

A messed-up Job plan and target

Most Jobseekers apply for any opportunity they come across, including those they are not qualified for, not in their industry, or overqualified for. Do not just apply for jobs in any industry or market. Write a list of industries and companies that you would love to work in, do research on them, determine your career goals, and then lookout for opportunities.

Failure to network

Are your friends aware of your strengths and what you can do best? Most companies have referral programs that give employees an opportunity to refer their friends. If you do not talk about your job search strategy to your network, makes it harder for you to land a job. Attend networking events and conferences of the industry you desire your career to grow in to grow your network which will eventually open more opportunities for you.

Unclear achievements in the CV

Sharing claims of your previous achievements get hiring managers uninterested in your application. Claims are just statements e.g., Improved sales, increased number of followers, and engagements. Show results, for example, increased company sales by 20% from the month of July 2022 to December 2022 and since then the company has enjoyed a tremendous amount of growth. Tangible, truthful results will land you a job within a blink of an eye.

Lack of interview preparation

This is where most job seekers go wrong. The employers were impressed with their application, sent an interview invitation but the job seeker fails to research the company, work ethics, company culture, and how their skills will benefit the company. If you want to ace that interview preparation is very key as the saying goes ‘If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail.’

Uncertain about your personal value

Undervaluing your worth, skills, and experiences in a CV can make employers overlook your application. This is the time to showcase what you are good at, your confidence, accomplishments, and strengths even before the interview. Sell yourself to the interviewers by giving a detail of the relevant skills you take pride in and how they will benefit the company. Just in give the hiring managers an urge to know you more.

Job search isn’t supposed to be a tiring process so next time you are applying for that opportunity, work on these things and enjoy your job search journey.