By norm, the education system in our universities mainly instills us with knowledge but does not really prepare us for the work environment life. Unfortunately, it is for us to figure out how to go about when you graduate. But here are 5 things to know about the work environment;

  1. There are no naps

When in university and college you would mostly celebrate and be happy especially if it is not a morning class. On the other hand, the work environment demands you to wake up and be at work on time. Some employees really take time seriously and one would lose their jobs simply because of not been there on time. Other than that, you may miss important meetings and schedules that are very vital to a company hence end up not being effective at the workplace.

  1. Clean up social media accounts

Often, people say ‘YOLO’ – ‘You Only Live Once’ not knowing that Once can ruin a job you worked and toiled for or a position you really worked to get simply because you ‘YOLOed’ and posted something that is not morally accepted by the society or something that questions your moral value while in college and you forget about it not remembering the internet never forgets.

  1. Be realistic

In as much as we are encouraged to be ambitious, it is good and important to be realistic. After graduating, most graduates expect to get a job and air out their views and be at their best not realizing they have not been in the work environment for long and you are yet to clearly figure out how things go about. It is therefore important to set short-term goals, which will lead you to your long-term goals hence setting realistic goals.

  1. Start a side hustle

If plan A fails, have a plan B. Just in case you are laid off or being employed does not work, you can still manage to earn a living and even turn your side hustle into a source of income. In addition, it is important to know that a side hustle can actually come from your passion, hobby, or something you enjoy doing. A side hustle can allow you to establish yourself beyond your career and it will allow you to connect with more people, and different people, than you likely would through career alone. This can bring you a lot of opportunities and open doors that otherwise would have stayed closed.

  1. Learn to say No!

In any work environment, you may face many temptations that require your No to be a ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ to be a ‘Yes’ even if it means that your job comes to an end. Some employers take advantage of fresh graduates because they tend to find you a vulnerable and easy target because you have desperately searched for that job and you would do anything to keep it but always been firm on your decision is important and you will earn respect from that.

These are not the exact five things that you will need to know, there are more. Keep researching and find out how to go around your work environment. Always read and expand your mind. Try to learn about the people around you and how to comfortably relate with them without stepping on any toes.