Internships, right? Many companies today are using internships as a means to screen talent, but as an intern, you will need to do more than just deliver excellent performance in order to transition from intern to an employee. With the following tips, high chances are that you will get an offer letter before you leave.


  1. Meet Deadlines

 You’ll always be expected to finish any tasks given, and on time. If you face any challenge finishing up a task, always inform your supervisor to get an extension of time. But don’t always rush to finish your work-- efficiency and perfection will be key. This will give the impression of being reliable and trustworthy.

  1. Show enthusiasm working for the company

 Showing interest in working for the company will heighten your employer’s confidence in you. If you don’t have enough work to do you can always ask for more before your supervisor notices you’ve been idling around. Always arrive in time and get involved in all extracurricular activities.

  1. Be dynamic and stand out from the crowd

  Always be positive in attitude, full of energy and new ideas. Show your employer you have a strong work ethic. Always ask questions to understand your role better, company culture and also its goals and objectives. Showing a genuine willingness to learn will help you to stand out from the crowd. Network as much as possible-- Working hard is important, but it is also crucial to socialize with your team.

  1. Develop a good relationship with your supervisor and colleagues

  A good relationship is always key in life. Especially with people who you spend most of your days with, also with the ones who can directly influence your professional direction. If your supervisor likes you as a person it will be easier to take in minor mistakes and correct you with all positiveness in mind and will also want you to continue growing with them. Your colleagues also have an influence. If they like working with you and being around you, they are most likely going to put in a good word for you higher up on the food chain.


  1. Set achievable goals and seek feedback from your supervisor

  Set some professional goals you would want to achieve by the end of the internship. During the internship, regularly ask for feedback from your supervisor to check if there are areas you need to improve on. Communicate your aims and establish early on what the company’s expectations are of you.

  1. Stay up to date with the company

  Know about the company and its different areas, its background and any upcoming projects the company is intending to do.  It will give you a distinct advantage in understanding how the business works and the nature of specific projects when they arise.



To conclude all this, internships can be your job, but what will you do to make that a reality? Remember to set goals, update yourself, work hard and be passionate about the gig. This will definitely turn heads in the office. All said and done, wishing you a successful and exciting time in the office.


Thanks for reading.